Your First Visit

New Patient Forms
When you first enter our office, you will be welcomed by our receptionist. Then you will be asked to complete our New Patient Forms. The patient history portion of the forms is also available to be filled out here on our website prior to your visit, if you prefer. The information your provide  will be utilized by the doctor to determine how we can help you to get back to feeling your absolute best.

Next, you will be led to an exam room, where the doctor will begin by going over any specific complaints you are having and conduct a brief review of your medical history. The physical examination will include gauging your range of motion and flexibility as well as other tests to determine your initial status and your specific needs.

Depending on your condition, the doctor may elect to take x-rays. This will allow him to visualize any areas of misalignment and determine the best course of treatment.

The doctor will briefly explain your problem areas and what may be done in order to correct any issues. Then you are ready to have your first chiropractic adjustment! The doctor will be sure that you understand what is being done and are as comfortable as possible during this process.

Your Second Visit

Report of Finding 
Your second visit to our office is an opportunity for a more in-depth discussion of the findings from your initial exam and x-rays. The doctor will go over what specific misalignments or subluxations are present. Then he will outline your individualized treatment plan and address any questions or concerns you may have. Next, you will have your second adjustment. After this visit, you will be well on your way to feeling your best and experiencing a renewed sense of well-being and good health.